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Must-Have moving and Packing Supplies You’ll Need In Advance

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Must-Have moving and Packing Supplies You’ll Need In Advance

Must-Have moving and Packing Supplies You’ll Need In Advance

Packing and moving is an ever-so-dreaded task for many families. The process is tiring, complex and time-consuming, and juggling with it, a full-time job and small children, in most of the cases, is far from being a breeze.

With proper tools and supplies, the process will magically simplify and become more bearable. If you manage to involve your children as well, you are already a winner.

But enough with this chit-chat; below is a list of must-have supplies you have to purchase before you start packing.


Boxes in various sizes are your starting point

After you plan a little and figure out a reliable action plan, you must go shopping for supplies. Start with boxes of various sizes, as most of your belongings and valuables will end up in those. Make sure that the boxes are sturdy enough to store your items safely.

Keep in mind that some relatively small items may weight quite a bit, while voluminous objects may be incredibly lightweight. Due to this reason, you want to make sure that all your boxes, regardless of their dimensions, are manufactured in a sturdy material, for increased safety levels.

Alternatively, you could check at your local liquor store and see if they have some empty liquor boxes to spare, as these are incredibly sturdy and also have dividers inside. These make perfect storage spaces for glassware, if you want to make sure that you keep it safe.


Adhesive tape is another must-have supply

You will virtually need three types of adhesive tape: strapping tape or duct tape if you want to reinforce the bonds of the boxes, for added safety, in the case of heavier items; shipping tape if you want to seal your boxes perfectly, and make sure to add some masking tape on your list, for labelling boxes.

If you plan to deal with a paint job as soon as you move houses, you could add some painter’s tape on your list. Two or three rolls of each will ensure you won’t have to take multiple trips to your supply store for the same purpose.


Permanent markers or Sharpies

Labelling your boxes is an aspect you can’t afford to neglect in your process. If you feel adventurous enough or you are an amazing planner, you can create a colour code for an easier identification of your boxes. In this case, you will need markers in multiple colours. Alternatively, you could invest in a couple of Sharpies and simply write on each box what does it contain.


Protective materials for your “FRAGILE” items

Obviously, your most fragile valuables have to be properly protected. Some prefer to splurge on bubble wrap, but you could also repurpose old newspapers or magazines for this exact purpose. Old clothing articles or even old towels also make great replacements for bubble wrap.


Scissors and cutters for the unpacking process

You will find these to be extremely useful for your unpacking process. If you want to deal with it faster, make sure to invest in multiple items of each kind. There will be others helping you with the unpacking process and you will need several of each.

These are some must-have supplies you have to pun on your purchase list before starting your packing and moving process.

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