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Things to Throw Away before Relocating – The Minimalist Life

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Things to Throw Away before Relocating – The Minimalist Life

Things to Throw Away before Relocating – The Minimalist Life

The goal of 2018 is to transform your lifestyle into a minimalist one. Living a constantly stressful life can eventually knock you down in ways you can’t even imagine.

Paying attention to the things that surround you and managing to use less items in order to live more are the main principles of a minimalist lifestyle. In a world that is governed by the power of money, by objects and wealth, it is difficult to open your eyes and focus on things that truly matter.

Throughout history, the way people perceived healthy lifestyles suffered tremendous changes.

Today, most people would prefer a relaxed lifestyle, where time is used wisely, and resources are directed to happiness instead of wealth.

Such change usually requires a new beginning, so to start an entirely new life, one should consider relocating.

Switching cities could be the best decision in one’s life – it represents a fresh start, an opportunity to change your vision and influence your future. Minimalism involves getting rid of the stuff that no longer has a place in your life.

When moving away, decluttering your current home and throwing away the items you don’t want is already part of the process, so there is no additional effort required for this first step towards adopting minimalism. Here’s a list of all the stuff you should throw away before finally switching homes:




The bathroom is supposed to be the room where you relax, you have some time to yourself and fulfill your most basic needs.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t keep irrelevant items here. Start by throwing away old makeup (or all makeup, if you are brave enough), any expired beauty products, broken items, old perfumes or toiletries that you no longer use, old towels and so on.

Keep the bathroom as simple as possible and try to apply the same principles to the rest of your house as well.



In case you keep your clothes in your bedroom, it’s time for a change. Throw away any unworn clothing. You can buy new clothes when you get to your new city – an entirely new life, remember?

You can choose to donate the clothing items that are still in good shape or to sell them when you find some spare time.

Anyway, minimalism is all about using fewer items in your life and focusing on the experience rather than other details.

The way you dress won’t have a major impact on your day-to-day activities. A couple of t-shirts and some pairs of jeans should be enough for your everyday outfits.

Keep your closet airy and organized, and only invest in things you absolutely need or want. The bedroom is for resting at night. Ditch the TV or any other electronics in this room.



When relocating, you shouldn’t carry with you the following items stored in your kitchen – plasticware, broken appliances, unused instruments, cookbooks, old kitchen tools.

To avoid additional spending, you should hire a relocating company to send all of your working appliances to the new location. Make sure everything fits before making this decision.

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